Test Systems
QMS-R - Test Benches for Fuell Cell Systems

Test benches for reformation systems

MS2 test benches for reformation units can be implemented for liquid and gaseous fuels. The test benches for reformation systems are available for the following applications:

  • Evaporator (electrical -, catalytic and hot gas - heated)
  • Reformer (natural gas, propane, diesel and methanol,
    other fuels on request)
  • Gas cleanup (selective oxidation, membrane, pressure swing
  • Burner (flame, catalytically)
  • Reformation systems (interconnecting from evaporator, reformer,
    gas cleanup, fuel cell simulation and burner)
  • Gas analysis with online - analytics (FID, IR, TCD) and gas
QMS-R - Test Benches for Fuell Cell Systems Feel free to make use of our expertise! Let us know what your requests are and we will be happy to provide you with a noncommittal offer.

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