Test Systems
QMS-FCS - Test Benches for Fuell Cell Systems

A fuel cell itself supplies no electrical power. Only in combination with
suitable peripheral components e.g. compressors, pumps, valves, tank systems and a control system the fuel cell can be operated. This unit is
called fuel cell system.
With MS2 test benches fuel cell systems specification tests, system optimizations and cyclic endurance tests can be performed. They are individually adapted to your test requirements. The interfaces of the fuel cell system (media, electrical connection, signal exchange...) will realistically be mapped according to its later environment. In addition all relevant sensors and actuators will be recorded. The integration of the fuel cell system control devices into the test bench control takes place by CAN-Bus and digital signal exchange. To ensure safe operation the test bench will be the “master” of the alarm processing and safety equipment.

We will be happy to consult you. Just let us know what your requests are and we will provide you with a noncommittal offer.

The test benches for fuel cell systems optionally can be extended with:

  • Intake air conditioning (pressure, humidity and temperature)
  • Simulation of the system operation conditions (of -40 °C to +60 °C)
  • Interface for HIL simulation with MATLAB / SIMULINK
  • On-line - gas analytics for analysis of exhaust gases
    (PH, H2 -, CO -, CO2 -, N2 -, CO2 concentration)
  • Connection box for freely provable sensors by the operator
  • Binding of the testing equipment to your data base
  • Further CAN or Profibus interfaces
QMS-FCS - Test Benches for Fuell Cell Systems

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