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DMFC™ Direct Methanol Unit
The Direct Methanol Unit provides a controlled source of high purity methanol or methanol/water solution for testing of methanol powered fuel cells.
  • Safe Operation with any methanol concentration
  • Operating pressure up to 20 psig
  • Temperature controlled methanol supply
  • Digital readout and setting of temperature
  • Digital readout of flow rate
  • Storage capacity 1 liter
  • All Stainless Steel internal plumbing
  • Sight glass on reservoir
  • Compatible with PowerStation; change between methanol and hydrogen with the flip of a switch

Automatic or Manual Flow Control
Automatic - flow rates under control of Power Station™
Compatible with Heated Gas Transfer Lines to maintain fluid temperature control
Manual - 10 Turn Potentiometer Flow Control

DMFC™ Direct Methanol Unit

DMFC™ Direct Methanol Unit

DMFC™ Direct Methanol Unit

Pressure Maximum Bottle Pressure 20 psig (2,3 bar)
(Pressure relief valve set at 20 psig for safety.)
Fluid Capacity 1 liter bottle
Pump Characteristics Flow Rate 0,017 ml.rev. 68 ml/min max flow rate. Other flow rates available upon request max. differential pressure 20 psi.
Digital Fluid Flow Display 4 digit display, minimum resolution 0,01 ml/min
Fluid Connections 1/4” Swagelok™ Tubing Connectors
Front Panel
Output Methanol Reactant (1)
Return of Reactant to Bottle (1)
Ports for Refill of Bottle (1)
Ports for Drain of Bottle (1)
Temperature Controller Front Panel Readout and Control
(Bottle temperature is not controlled by Power Station™)
Physical Characteristics 5” W x 18” H x 12” D
(44 cm x 31 cm x 47 cm)
20 lbs. (9 kg)
Electrical Requirements 110 VAC 4A (or 220 VAC 2A)


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